Mining Associations in Zambia Supporting Women in Small-Scale Mining: A Case Study of Zambian Women in Mining Association

  • Fatima Mandhu University of Zambia
Keywords: eco-feminism, activism, Association of Zambian Women in Mining, small-scale mining


This article focuses on the findings presented from the primary data collected on the Mining Associations in Zambia in general, supporting women in small- scale mining. Using the case study approach, particular attention is given to the Zambian Women in Mining Association (AZWIM) that was created specifically for women. The selection of the case study site was purposive since the association specifically supports women in small-scale mining. The data collected from the case study used the empirical method of observing the facts within their natural surroundings without any attempt to interpret those facts. In addition, eco-feminism as a feminist methodology that supports social change through activism was used to analyse the findings. Ideas and lessons were drawn from three selected examples from different parts of the world that embrace eco-feminist activism. Firstly, from ‘The Chikpo Movement’ in India where women saved the indigenous forests and their water resources from destruction by the limestone mining companies. Secondly, from the possibility to save from collapse the Brazilian dam which was created by the accumulation of the tailing over a decade of mining activities. The overflowing mud from the dam destroyed the communities and the eco-systems caused by the mining companies’ negligence. Finally, from the feminist table an initiative formed after the death of thirty-four mine workers during a strike in Marikana, a mining town in South Africa to help not only the mine workers but the women who supported the men who went on strike. The case study findings showed that there was a clear need to use eco-feminist activism in the mining associations as per the ideas and lessons drawn from the three selected examples to overcome the oppression of women and damage to the environment in small-scale mining in Zambia.
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