• Tirivavi Moyo
  • Benviolent Chigara
Keywords: Construction, Professionals, Awareness, Sustainability


Sustainability-related challenges, are evident in the construction industries. Therefore, a contextual interrogation of sustainability awareness for the determination of knowledge-based improvement strategies is supported. This article pursued the sustainability awareness needs for construction professionals and evaluated statistically significant variances due to gender, designation, educational levels, and experience of respondents. A web-based questionnaire survey was administered to built environment professionals, and the collected numerical data was analysed through descriptive and non-parametric statistical methods. Factor analysis determined six significant components, with the most important being cultural diversity and evolution and futures thinking. These were the broad learning objectives within which sustainability instruction should be implemented. Significant variances, due to the selected demographic variables, were non-existent, indicating consensus on the required sustainability learning objectives. However, a few individual sustainability learning objectives had statistically significant differences that required intervention for Architects and Engineers as well as for those with degrees and MSc educational levels. The determination of sustainability learning objectives established the knowledge for curriculum re-design, continuous professional development, and improvement for built environment professionals. However, due to the exploratory nature of the study, the insights of clients were not considered. Further studies should aim to establish the context-specific sustainability learning objectives for each designation. The derivation of sustainability awareness needs for architectural, engineering and construction professionals enabled operationalisation of remedial strategies within the construction companies and professionals’ bodies.
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T. Moyo and B. Chigara, “SUSTAINABILITY AWARENESS FOR ARCHITECTURAL, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS IN ZIMBABWE”, Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 90-116, Mar. 2022.
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