An Assessment of the Impact of Effective Leadership on Organizational Performance in Nigeria: A Study of Kala Palm Oil Company

  • Sapele Frank Funkeye Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, University of Africa, Toru-Orua, Bayelsa State.
  • Eunice Baro Opuene Department of Human Resources Management JPTS institute Management, Science and Technology
  • Ngozi Amakiri Famous Department of Educational Planning and Management Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumi Portharcourt River State
Keywords: Leadership; Organization; Management; Effective Leader; Performance


This research assessed the impact of effective leadership on organizational performance in Nigeria. The study was confined to Kala Palm Oil Company (Pseudo name). Leadership plays a crucial role in the management of organisations which help to accomplish organizational targets .The impact of leadership in an organisation is a necessary component and key to the successful process of managing any firm or enterprise .However, an effective leader plays an important role in organizational growth and employee performance at any point because the overall and effective improvement of organizations depend to large extent on the inputs of their leaders. The study further shows there is need for an effective leader to carry out its stated goals in line with management interest within the organisation which help to provide positive means of achieving target goals in an organisation if the needed resources are put in place. This research adopted the qualitative approach and made use of the secondary source of data collection to analyse its findings .The study anchored on path-goal theory as its framework of analysis. Findings showed that effective leadership promotes mutual collaboration between employers and employees. Also, the study revealed that effective leadership is a special way to help incorporate employees in an organization to achieve its objectives and promotes the efficiency of a leader which basically centres on the accepted style by the manager towards the management of the organization. The study concludes that effective leadership in Kala Palm Oil Company has greatly helped in influencing the company’s goals. In addition, it has helped the company to promote inspirations and attracts customers to activities of the company. Therefore, the paper recommends among others, that there should be mutual collaboration between leaders and employees in the organisation for efficient and effective service delivery.