A Synthesis: Exploring the Interconnection between Disability and Covid-19

  • Wila Lombe Department of Public Health, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Lusaka
Keywords: Disability, Covid-19, impairement, People Living with disability


Background: The global outbreak of Covid-19 has had far-reaching and devastating consequences, leading to widespread fatalities and the declaration of a pandemic as it rapidly spread across countries. In 2020 alone, there were over 23 million reported cases of Covid-19. Among those impacted, individuals with disabilities constitute a significant and vulnerable group, facing unique challenges in carrying out their daily tasks. The Sustainable Development Goals emphasize the importance of prioritizing the needs and rights of marginalized populations to ensure a life of dignity and safety for all. Unfortunately, people with disabilities are particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of public health crises, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The primary objective of this review study is to shed light on the various factors contributing to the heightened vulnerability of individuals with disabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Methods: To achieve this objective, a systematic search was conducted on Google Scholar using the keywords "COVID- 19 AND DISABILITY" to identify relevant articles. Conclusion: The impact of Covid-19 on individuals with disabilities has been multifaceted, resulting from a combination of factors such as an increased risk of adverse health outcomes, limited access to essential medical care and rehabilitation services, and the profound social consequences of pandemic containment efforts. Through this review, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between people with disabilities and the Covid-19 pandemic. By highlighting the challenges, they face, we can foster a greater awareness of their needs and advocate for more inclusive and targeted interventions to ensure their well-being and safety during these challenging times. Keywords: Disability, Covid-29, Impairment, People living with disability