Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV Transmission: What Do We Know?

Keywords: sexually transmitted disease;, HIV;, transmission;


Sexually transmitted infections have remained a public health problem mainly in the developing world, where the burden of HIV is also high. Effects of sexually transmitted infections can be devastating and have also been shown to enhance transmission of HIV. The risk of transmission depends on the type of infection, whether it presents with an ulcer or it is it is only inflammatory. Mixed infections further increase the probability of HIV transmission, making the overall risk even higher. Understanding the dynamics of transmission is important. It is also essential to know which groups of people are more at risk as this is fundamental in designing appropriate control interventions. This article gives an overview of sexually transmitted infections, and gives insight on their association with HIV infection, transmission risks and some control based interventions. In addition we also aimed to increase the understanding of where preventive and management gaps may still exist and in what contexts.