A Review of Health Promotion Practices Among Physiotherapists In Africa

Keywords: Physiotherapy, practices;, Health promotion;, physical activity;, African countries;, barriers;, facilitators;


Background: Physiotherapists are better placed to spearhead health promoting activities by encouraging health enhancing lifestyles as part of their practice. This study reviews health promotion practices of Physiotherapists in African countries in order to identify gaps and make recommendations to improve the health promotion practices. Methods: This narrative review was developed from a literature review of previous studies on health promotion practices among physiotherapists in Africa, which were published in English from the years 2010-2020, retrieved from Google Scholar and PubMed. Only articles that focused on health promotion, physical activity, practices, Physiotherapy and Africa were included. Results: Nine (9) studies met the inclusion criteria for this review. Five (5) studies were from Nigeria while one study each from Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana and Ethiopia. Most studies reviewed used quantitative cross-sectional surveys. The focus of these studies were mainly exploring Physiotherapists’ knowledge, attitude and practices towards health promotion and physical activity promotion. Others looked at Physiotherapy practices with regards to counseling, risk factor assessment and interventions as well as perceived barriers and educational needs. Conclusion: It is evident that there is little research done on health promotion practices among Physiotherapists in African countries. There is need to conduct more studies in this area in order to identify the challenges and improve the health promotion practices among Physiotherapy practitioners in the region.