Effectiveness of Task Shifting In The Delivery of Health Care Services at Kasama, Lukupa and Milima Health Centres in Zambia

Keywords: Task shifting;, productivity;, efficiency;


Task shifting is a viable option to respond rapidly to a health workforce’s crisis and could be clinically effective for the management of health system. A study to determine the cost effectiveness of task- shifting to the healthcare system in the service delivery was done. The study revealed that effective task shifting can increase productivity, efficiency, that is, to increase the number of healthcare services provided at a given quality cost or to produce the same level of healthcare service at less cost and more effectively and efficiently. However, task shifting alone will not address the problems. In order for task shifting models to function effectively, they should be combined with the strengthening and reorganization of the health services, adequate training and an enabling health policy framework. Task shifting with health system supports in place could ensure the equivalent care for diabetes patients as patients treated by physicians.