The adult learning environment

  • Wanga W Chakanika The University of Zambia
  • Noah K Sichula The University of Zambia
  • Phyllis I Sumbwa The University of Zambia


This article examines some aspects of a learning environment for adults. The main purpose of the write-up was to have an insight into some of the distinguishing factors of the adult learning from that of children. Central to the discourse are the characteristics of adult learners which dictate that their learning environment must also be unique, which environment must be deliberately created by planners and facilitators of their learning programmes. In general terms, the characteristics of adult learners have been categorized in terms of sociological, psychological and physiological. The paper, therefore, has made reference to the behaviourist, humanist and constructivist theories which assert that learning is usually stimulated by the environment and the consequences thereof. All in all, the article has attempted to provide the ideal adult learning environment.