Zambia’s Transition to a Green Economy

  • Mirriam Sampa Moonga The University of Zambia
  • Bernard Chileshe The University of Zambia
Keywords: Zambia,Green economy, green growth, sustainable development, transition and sustainability.


  In the last ten to fifteen years, Zambia has been on a road to transition from a ‘brown economy’ to a‘green economy’.The key aim for such a transition is to eliminate the trade-offs between economic growth and investment and gains in environmental quality and social inclusiveness. This paper describes the events and activities done and implemented in the country leading to making Zambia a clean, green and healthy nation as well as addressing social and economic challenges. It looks at the global origins of the green initiative and its development in Zambia through policies and activities of both government and its cooperating partners. The paper also examines the evidence of green growth in Zambia and the support the country is receiving in the implementation of the green initiatives. Finally, it analyses the linkages between green growth and sustainable development, as well as the challenges faced by the transition to green economy.