Implementation Status of Innovative Trade Subjects’ Curricula at Senior Secondary Education Level in Ogun State, Nigeria

  • Ibiwumi A Alade Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Nigeria
  • Mathew O Olanrele Teaching Service Commission Ogun State.
Keywords: Curricula, Implementation Status, Innovation, Trade Subjects/Subject Stream


Historically, reforms on curricula at all levels for the economic well-being of the populace have been on for many years in Nigeria. In respect of secondary education, the agitation for a more trade-driven curriculum in the growing 21st century for wealth generation has led to the inclusion of new trade subjects’ curricula in secondary schools of Nigeria. Despite this good will for a better future, criticisms abound about the curriculum reforms at secondary school level. This observation informed the study which examined the implementation status of innovative trade subjects’ curricula at senior secondary education level in Ogun State, Nigeria. The study is a descriptive survey in which four research questions guided the study. Innovative Curricula Implementation Status Scale (ICISS) was used for data collection from 240 teachers. The study found out that there is was no adequate teaching personnel to implement the curricula of the innovative subjects. Also, no adequate and relevant textual materials were made available while funding problem, lack of expected supervision and monitoring were also among the weaknesses confronting senior secondary school curriculum innovations. It is recommended among others that there should be adequate sensitization on the benefits inherent in the curriculum innovations, high priority for curriculum supervision, and monitoring for optimum actualization of the intended objectives for senior secondary education curriculum innovations in Nigeria.