Availability and Usage of Information Communication Technology Facilities in Secondary Schools in Zambia

  • Peggy Nsama Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, University of Zambia
  • Gift Masaiti Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, University of Zambia
  • Akakandelwa Akakandelwa Department of Library and Information Science, University of Zambia
Keywords: Information and Communication Technology, Teachers, Challenges, Opportunities, Facilities, Zambia


This paper examines the availability and usage of ICT facilities in secondary schools in Zambia, from the perspective of teachers. Based on two key research objectives; to analyse the availability of ICT facilities (infrastructure) and usage of the available ICT facilities in the selected Secondary Schools. The data was solicited from four provinces of Zambia, namely: Lusaka, Copperbelt, Eastern and Luapula. Three districts were selected from each province and in each district three schools were sampled. The paper employed a survey design in which a sample of 360 teachers were selected. A questionnaire was used to gather data from teachers, whose findings were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. A Mann Whitney U test and also Kruskal Wallis test were used to validate the null hypotheses on the availability and usage of ICT facilities. The results showed a low access to ICT facilities by administrators, teachers and pupils which resulted in low usage of the available ICT facilities. The study also reveals high challenges in ICT facilities especially in government schools, which exhibits a low effort in investing in ICT by especially the Government of Zambia. Concerted effort should be made by the Government in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure a more improved input investing in ICT infrastructure in Zambia to ensure maximum outcomes in the education system.