Management of Teaching Experience at School Level and Linkage with Knowledge Perceptions in Basic Language Constructs among Early Childhood Education Pre-Service Teachers

  • Mwansa Mukalula-Kalumbi Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, University of Zambia
Keywords: Teaching Experience, Early childhood, Language teacher training


This study is an establishment of how policy on management of teaching experience at school level impacts on early childhood education pre-service teacher’s knowledge levels in basic language constructs. Teaching experience exposes pre-service teachers to their first formative experiences to their teaching careers, hence the need to have mentors who know their roles in this pertinent process. During their training, teachers are exposed to pedagogical content knowledge and content knowledge. The research took a survey approach among fourth year early childhood pre-service teachers. The cohort had 24 pre-service teachers and their experiences where solicited. The students were grouped into groups of three depending on the type of school they had undertaken their teaching experiences. These groups were those who went to public, private and grant aided in particular catholic schools. The findings of the study showed that pre-service teacher’s pedagogical practices in teaching of basic language constructs can be improved if there is focused coordination between teacher training colleges and early childhood education centers. In schools mentors should be well endowed with what is expected, and they should be models to the trainee teachers and provide guidance. Based on the content to be taught, pre-service teachers should be encouraged to be reflective and more importantly thrive on peer networks and school communities.