• Kalisto Kalimaposo University of Zambia
Keywords: Emergence of Teacher Education in Zambia


The book Emergence of Teacher Education in Zambia is a product of many decades of Professor Brendan Carmody’s experience as a teacher educator at Chikuni and the University of Zambia. It is an excellent contribution on the emergence of teacher education in Zambia. Carmody acknowledges the major contributions of Professor Austin Cheyeka who provided data from interviews and contact with those linked to teacher education in Zambia. His contributions are evident in Chapters 4 and 5. He also acknowledges Professor Michael J. Kelly who shared his vast experiences in teacher education in Zambia. Further, Carmody provides a trajectory on the evolution of teacher education from colonial times to post-independence Zambia. In doing so, he maps out in detail how over a period of more than a century, teacher education evolved from imparting a narrowly conceived ability to transmit the three R’s, through delivering some of the basic skills needed for formal employment, down to developing the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject – matter that is required today.

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Kalisto Kalimaposo, University of Zambia
Kalisto Kalimaposo is currently Senior Lecturer in the University of Zambia, School of Education, Department of Educational Psychology, Sociology and Special Education. He has published a number of Journal articles locally and internationally. His research interests include equity studies in education, curriculum innovation, teacher education, transformative learning, comparative and development education, sociology of disability, primary education, civic and entrepreneurial education.
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