• Innocent Mutale Mulenga University of Zambia


Knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation throughout the centuries to help people navigate life’s challenges and triumphs. It is done not only with purpose, but with an undeniable beauty and flair. That is why there exists an old African proverb that equates the death of an old person to the burning of a library - the wisdom acquired from the forefathers, and his or her own lived experiences go with the person. ZANGO, however, continues to preserve human wisdom and experiences by documenting scholarly writings from different scholars and academic disciplines. The six papers and one book review in this issue of ZANGO (Zambia Journal of Contemporary Issues) are written by 14 authors based at different universities in India, Zambia and Zimbabwe.The scientific and unique styles with which these scholarly papers are written, indeed brings out the undeniable beauty and flair of human experiences and wisdom that are worth sharing with the knowledge thirst minds.

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Innocent Mutale Mulenga, University of Zambia
Professor of Curriculum Studies
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