The Zambian Journal of Religion and Contemporary Issues (ZJRCI) aims at advancing knowledge and to promoting research as well as to providing a forum for policy discussion and analysis on diverse issues in the Zambian, African and Global context. ZJRCI anticipates to assume a vital role in shaping the discourse, reporting fresh frontiers and creating a nexus for communication and networking among a broad range of researchers, students, academicians and policy makers. It is hoped that policy analysts engrossed in and concerned with religious and other contemporary issues in disciplines of education, psychology and environment among others will exploit the issues published. ZJRCI, as a multidisciplinary journal, will publish research articles, essays and reviews. The Journal considers issues not only on the theory and practice from scholars around the world but also strongly encourages practitioners in different disciplines to contribute and share their knowledge and experience. The Journal serves as an autonomous and unbiased forum that accommodates sufficient variety of perspectives and analyses, which are concrete in their formulation and organisation