Review Fr. Dominic Nchete

A True Witness to the Service of God

  • Gilbert Kamanga The University of Zambia, Department of Religious & Cultural Studies
Keywords: Life Stories, Narrative, Fr. Dominic Nchete, Witness, Servant of God


Zambian scholars have started paying attention to local stories by either retelling the missionary tales from a Zambian perspective or bringing new cases to the fore. Reverend Father Hector Mwale, a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Monze, combines the two when he narrates the story of Fr. Dominic Nchete, the first Tonga Catholic Priest. At just over 200 hundreds pages, the book is a quick pick for early scholars of religion and education in Zambia. It utilises the omniscient 3rd person narrative style with simple, straight forward language to explore the life of Fr. Nchete from his royal childhood under Chief Monze the ‘Rain Maker,’ priestly training and early service during a racially and politically charged period in Zambia’s history through his trials and perseverance, up to his death in 1992.

Author Biography

Gilbert Kamanga, The University of Zambia, Department of Religious & Cultural Studies
is a lecturer at the University of Zambia, School of Education, Department of Religious and Cultural Studies. He holds a Master of Education (Religious Studies) degree and a Bachelor of Arts with Education degree from the University of Zambia. Currently, he is a Special Research Fellow pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies degree tenable at the University of Zambia on a partial UNESCO/ University of Zambia Intangible Cultural Heritage Degree Project Grant. His research interests and publications focus on the complex interplay of Religion, Education, Politics, Society, and Intangible Culture.