The Definition of a Catholic School: A Catholic Educational Policy Perspective

  • Farrelli Hambulo The University of Zambia, Department of Religious Studies
  • Austin Cheyeka
  • Nicholas Haambokoma
  • Tomaida Milingo Kaulule
Keywords: Catholic, Definition, Features, Education, Policy


The motivation for this article is drawn from the current status quo regarding some key stakeholders of Catholic education Catholic school’ or exactly what the term ‘Catholic School’ in limited or restricted terms or just as ‘one run by the Catholic regarding that which a ‘Catholic school’ is, it does not give a holistic or adequate meaning of a ‘Catholic School’. Further, such schools because they are complexities involving various key features which combining to form the true identity of ‘Catholic Schools’ worldwide. Due to the current status quo by the term ‘Catholic School’ by some key stakeholders of Catholic education in Zambia, a desk review was conducted to investigate exactly what is meant by the term ‘Catholic School’ this aspect among key stakeholders of Catholic education at all educational levels as well as others interested in the welfare of such education institutions in Zambia. The study was a qualitative descriptive survey design and was grounded in document analysis of Catholic educational policies, key books and other documents providing commentaries on Catholic education in Zambia and worldwide. The study revealed that the idiosyncratic features of Catholic Schools provide the basis for their unique identity globally and it is such features which of the meaning of the term ‘Catholic School’. The study also revealed that it is the various features of Catholic education which combine to enhance a holistic understanding of the actual meaning of the term ‘Catholic School’.