Assessing Malawian Christianity from a Catholic Missionary Perspective: A phenomenological Approach

  • Mastone L. K Mbewe University of Malawi, Chancellor College
Keywords: Abduction, Christianity, Congregation, Missionary, Phenomenology, Religious


This article assesses Malawian Christianity from Catholic religious missionary perspective. It uses the views of catholic religious missionaries who have been working in Malawi for existent in some local communities in Malawi. The assessment is based on the Catholic expatriate Missionary perspective to avoid biases. The article assumes that the missionaries as religious people who are foreigners can more objectively point out to issues without any bias regarding Christianity in Malawi. What motivated this research are the stories of albino abductions as well as killings of the elderly people suspected of being who belong to different religious groups of men and women. All the research participants were then serving in Malawi as priests, brothers or sisters of different religious congregations. The study used qualitative research methodology approaching it from a phenomenological standpoint. The research sample numerically but rather the depth of the generated data. One of was a God fearing country with many Christians, there is a lot that requires to be done to improve the Christianity of many involving persons living with albinism, the burning of elderly people suspected of being witches or wizards. It can be concluded that if nothing is done to improve the Christianity in Malawi, double standards for many members will continue reigning in many different life styles of some church members. The article therefore highly recommends review of pastoral works for the church so that it penetrates more into improving Christian life of many members.