Zambia's "New" Constitution – Promised so Much, But Delivered so Little

  • Chanda Chungu University of Zambia


Zambian President Mr. Edgar Lungu said the following about amendment of Zambia’s constitution: "We are gathered here today to mark an important milestone in the constitutional history of our country. The nation, and people of this country, will forever remember this day as one that brought us to the shores of giving ourselves a truly people driven constitution since attaining independence in 1964." On the 5th of January 2016, Mr. Lungu assented and signed into law, an Act to amend the Constitution of Zambia. Mr. Lungu’s stated later in his speech that even though a Constitution can make significant change and guarantees right, not even a perfect Constitution can ordain prosperity without individual input and effort.
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Chungu, C. (2021) “Zambia’s "New" Constitution – Promised so Much, But Delivered so Little”, Zambia Law Journal (ZLJ) ISSN Print: 1027-7862, 48(2018), pp. 25-37. Available at: (Accessed: 29February2024).