Recent Judicial Decisions Criminal Law

  • Ellah TM Siang'andu University of Zambia
  • Chanda Chungu University of Zambia


(i) Kelvin Mwinga and Aphias Muchindu v. The People (Appeal No. 10, 11/2017) (ii) Chrismar Hotel Limited v. Stanbic Bank Zambia Ltd (SCZ Judgement No. 06 of 2017) (iii) Ndola Energy Company Limited v. Lamamuda Limited (Appeal No. 62/2014) (iv) Maguwudge v. Mopani Copper Mines PLC (Appeal No. 234/2013) (v) Kenny Sililo v. Mend-a-Bath and Spencon Zambia Limited SCZ Appeal No. 168/2014 (vi) Reba Industrial Corporation Limited v. Nicholas Mubonde CAZ Appeal No. 005/201
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