A Critical Appraisal of Ethnicity and Religion: It’s Implications on Development in Nigeria 2017-2021

  • Davis Ochuko Efeurhobo University of Delta, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria
Keywords: Ethnicity, Religion, Development, Implication.


The Nigeria Political System over the years has suffered serious and unbearable setbacks arising from ethnic and religious prejudice. Consequently, development has retrogressed abysmally. The study examined the link between ethnicity, religion and its implications on development in Nigeria. The study addressed the following objectives: to show the nexus between ethnicity, religion and development in Nigeria, to examine the nature and activities of ethnic/religion politics in Nigeria, to identify the implications of ethnicity and religion on development in Nigeria and to identify the consequences of ethnicity/religion on development in Nigeria. The study adopted the Elite theory as theoretical framework and the qualitative mode of inquiry and analysis was used. This enabled the researcher to be involved in critical observations. The findings of the study were that ethnic politics/religion resulted in underdevelopment in Nigeria, ethnicity and religion created division and disunity among the people of Nigeria. The study concluded that ethnicity and religion have retarded development. It was recommended that ethnicity and religion should not be seen as a basis for elections as it has destroyed development. Good and sustainable education should be given to the electorates to see the implications of ethnicity and religion on the development of our society.