Understanding Environmental Education: Conceptualization, Definitions, History and Application

  • Kaiko Mubita The University of Zambia
  • Inonge Milupi The University of Zambia
  • Pauline Namakau Monde The University of Zambia
  • Steriah Monica Simooya The University of Zambia
Keywords: Environment, Education, Environmental Education, Sustaining the Environment


This desk study aimed at clarifying conceptual challenges associated with Environmental Education and highlight its application to society. Data was collected through literature review and author introspection. Explaining the meaning and history of Environmental Education will enable readers and stakeholders to have a common understanding of the subject matter and hence, enhances meaningful conversations and decision making. The way Environmental Education is defined among stakeholders affects its planning, application and implementation in society. Therefore, this paper is an attempt to illuminate the meaning of Environmental Education, its importance and application to society. In order to illuminate the meaning, the paper outline the aims and objectives of Environmental Education. In addition, this paper highlight on the scope of Environmental Education which include the organized efforts to teach how natural environments function, and how human beings can manage behaviour and ecosystems to live sustainably. Therefore, every individual must receive an environmental education in order to manage our environment sustainably.