The Zambia Journal of History (ZJH) is a double – blind peer – reviewed journal published in English twice a year. It is published by the Department of Historical and Archaeological Studies of the University of Zambia with the goal of promoting dissemination of knowledge. ZJH is published on an open – access platform. Online ISSN 3005-4532 and Print ISSN 1815-025X. Articles for publication, letters and book reviews should be sent by email to the Editors on email Zambia Journal of History, Department of Historical and Archaeological Studies, University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia. Articles may also be sent to the Chief Editor, Dr. Kasongo E Chiputa, email, phone no. +260967462000 or Mr. Kenneth Luhila on emails or, phone no. +260978275402/ +260764205518. The first volume of the Zambia Journal of History which was intended to be an annual publication of the Department of History of the University of Zambia was first published in 1981. The second volume appeared in 1989. However, the journal improved its publication record thereafter. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth issues came out in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1995 respectively. The last issue was published in 2004. The liquidation of the African Commercial Bank, which was the Journal's Bankers led to the failure by the Department to publish the journal. Meanwhile, the Editorial Board of the Zambia Journal of History continued to look for alternative sources to resume publication. At the same time, the Editorial Board maintained its call for papers so that as soon as funds were available, the journal would go to the press. In early 2004 funds belonging to the Department of History which were held in the Central Administration were released to the Department. These funds were royalties from a previous publication by the Department. The release of the funds therefore enabled the Department to go to the press for publication of Volume number 9 of the journal in that year.