Volume 10 Issue number 1 of the Zambia Journal of History coming out nineteen years after the publication of Volume 9 in 2004 is a kind of a revival issue. Consequently, the selection of the articles that appear in this volume reflects the research activities and interests of mostly graduating students in the Master of Arts in History programme of the Department of Historical and Archaeological Studies. From 2004 until 2023, the journal went into hibernation again due to lack of funds. However, with the introduction of online publication of the journal in 2023, it is envisaged that there will be continuous publication of the journal. The next publication is expected to be a mixture of articles from a cross section of authors in and outside Zambia. When the Zambia Journal of History was first inaugurated it was decided that it should work in association with the Historical Association of Zambia with its History in Zambia annual publication. The Zambia Journal of History, therefore, is about the only publication by local historians dedicated to advancing the cause of history research in Zambia. The Editorial policy remains that of publishing articles on African and World history topics. Nonetheless, the priority still remains that of publication of deserving results of research endeavours by scholars from the University of Zambia.
Published: 2023-08-31