Household Energy Conservation Practices Used in Chalimbana Ward, Chongwe District

  • Alfred Chewetu University of Zambia
  • Progress H Nyanga The University of Zambia
Keywords: Households, Energy, Conservation, Chongwe


Energy conservation is a subject that has continued to attract global attention as it essential in ensuring that the growing energy demand does not pose a threat to the environment. In view of this, the aim of this study was to find out the household energy conservation practices used in Chalimbana ward of Chongwe district, Zambia. The study adopted a convergent mixed method research design. Qualitative data from 10 purposively sampled key informants was collected through in-depth-interviews using semi-structured interview guides. Additionally, quantitative data from 175 households selected through cluster sampling technique was collected using a questionnaire. The qualitative data was analysed though content analysis whereas quantitative data was analysed through descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression. The study found that most households in Chalimbana ward depend on traditional biomass energy (Charcoal and firewood). Through multiple linear regression, the study found that expenditure on household energy consumption in the study area is influenced is influenced by social economic factors such as family size, house size and education. To conserve energy, the households in this area use a variety of conservation methods of which the most used involves switching or putting off unused household energy appliances or sources. The energy used among these households causes air pollution, habitat loss, land use change, exposure to hazardous waste among other environmental atrocities While the study findings show that households in Chalimbana ward do practice energy conservation, this is not done at a substantive level that can yield sustainable environmental, economic and social benefits of household energy conservation.
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