The journal is published bi-annually by the School of Education of the University of Zambia through its Editorial Board. Contributions of articles are invited from researchers, teacher educators, institutional managers, teachers, and other practitioners of education in Zambia, the sub-region and beyond.

The journal seeks to provide a forum to these education professionals for the dissemination of current views and ideas on education practices, policies and development, and research findings in Zambia. Contributions may discuss issues or present research findings in primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary level institutions and/or management and support sectors. Articles that address education issues in other countries, but show how these would are relevant to Zambia, will be considered on merit. It is the wish of the School of Education to contribute to the development of the Zambian education system and the country as a whole through this journal. Consequently, the Editorial Board urges academics in the School of Education and other educational professionals to engage in research that would answer a number of questions in Zambia’s education system and use this journal to disseminate their results to the country and beyond. We wish to transform university scholarship into practice that helps the Zambian education system to strengthen and benefit its various target beneficiaries better.