Business Education University Curriculum and Students’ Entrepreneurial Skills Empowerment in Lagos State, Nigeria

  • Oluwole Victor Falobi University of Lagos
  • Bukola Esther Ononiwu University of Lagos
Keywords: Business Education, Curriculum Content, Entrepreneurship Empowerment.


This study assessed the concept of entrepreneurship development of business education undergraduates in Lagos State. A survey research design was used for this study. The population comprised of 565 business education undergraduates in public universities in Lagos State, Nigeria while a sample size of 160 were used for the study. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions, while t–test was used to test the hypotheses. The t-test comparison showed that the difference in mean ratings on the influence of business education undergraduate curriculum on promotion of human resources management skill among male and female respondents in Lagos State was not statistically significant. Based on the findings of the study, the researchers recommended among others that the curriculum planners should ensure that business education curriculum content is relevant to the skills required of industries because of the relevance of the programme in providing the needed manpower in industries.