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Vol 3 No 3 (2020): Multidisciplinary Journal of Language and Social Sciences Education
This third issue of volume three of the Multidisciplinary Journal of Language and Social Sciences Education is a Special Issue focused on Teaching and Learning of various subjects in primary and secondary school. The theme attracted academics and postgraduate scholars who researched on pedagogical approaches and strategies used by teachers in Nigeria, Norway and Zambia. Being one of the significant ingredients in the provision of quality education, teaching and learning is always on the research agendas of most dedicated scholars and academics. No wonder most curriculum reforms also come with suggested teaching methods which may sometimes be resisted by teachers. Such teaching and learning reforms sometimes make veteran teachers smile when told to do this or that, look at them as just another faddish pendulum swing, close their classroom doors, and quietly go about their usual business. But how can educators, scholars and evaluators sort the proverbial wheat from the chaff as they encounter these teaching and learning reform proposals? The answer is found in research. This issue is parked with research based articles on teaching and learning findings and conclusions. Authors have provided research data on the implementation of the History competency based curriculum, active and reflective teaching pedagogical approaches in Civic Education, teacher’s teaching quality and learner difficulty level in Financial Accounting and teaching Integrated Science junior secondary school. Other papers focus on problem based learning in animal taxonomy, environmental learning approaches and teaching literacy in first grade in Zambia and Norway. Our sincere gratitude go to all the reviewers who provided quality assurance to these wonderful pieces of work and also special thanks to the authors for choosing to disseminate their research findings through this journal. We are also indebted and grateful to the University of Zambia for hosting this journal on its web page for scholars and other readers to freely access it online. === (Innocent Mutale Mulenga (PhD), Deputy Chief Editor)
Published: 2020-10-01


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