A Critical Reflection on the loss of the Popularity of History as a Subject among Learners in Secondary Schools in Zambia

  • Victoria Silumba Kamwala Secondary School, Zambia
Keywords: history, popularity, teaching, secondary school


The current status of history as a subject in most Zambian secondary schools is a cause for concern. There seems to be a loss of popularity of the subject among learners in most Zambian secondary schools. In this theoretical paper the author seeks to bring out some scholarly reflections based on narratives and lived experiences about history as a subject in relation to the loss of its popularity as a subject in secondary schools in Zambia. Using the narrative social construction thematic analysis method the author made scholarly interpretations of the narratives about history as a subject in the Zambian senior secondary school curriculum. In this account the author provides basic education about the significance of teaching and learning history in every society before narrowing in on reasons that may have led to its loss of popularity among learners.