Dr Chisoni Mumba - Chief Editor: School of Veterinary Medicine

Editorial Team Members

Dr. Musso Munyeme (UNZA School of Veterinary Medicine)

Dr. Muleya (UNZA School of Nursing Sciences)

Dr. Dorothy Chanda (UNZA School of Nursing Sciences)

Dr. Angela Gono-Bwalya (UNZA School of Health Sciences)

Dr. Nzooma M. Shimaponda-Mataa (UNZA School of Health Sciences)

Dr Lavina Prashar (UNZA School of Medicine)

Prof. Gelson Tembo (School of Agricultural Sciences)

Advisory Board Members

Prof. Berlington Vwalika (School of Medicine)

Prof. Vernon Chinene (School of Agricultural Sciences)

Prof. Henry Sichingabula (Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies)

Prof. Isaac G.K. Phiri (School of Veterinary Medicine)

Dr. Geoffrey Kwenda (School of Health Sciences)

Dr. Caroline Zulu (School of Nursing Sciences)

Dr. Dennis Banda (Directorate of Research and Graduate studies)