Key issues in designing and managing a successful university adult education programme in a developing country

  • Emmy Mbozi The University of Zambia


This paper draws on experiences from the University of Zambia to propose a framework for discussions on designing and managing university adult education programmes in a developing country. The paper is premised on two arguments. The first argument is that the success of any adult education programme largely depends on its responsive nature to the needs of the various stakeholders it caters for. The second argument is that when challenges to adult education arise, the programme should reflect carefully on the appropriate response so as to avoid embracing suggestions that would be inimical to the field and render it irrelevant to society. The paper provides key issues in designing and managing adult education programmes framework that is anchored on the creation of sustainable systems. The basic elements of the framework are: diversity in staffing; responsive programmes, structured succession programmes; a structure for encouraging institutional memory; a structure for promoting communicating and sharing of diverse ideas and innovations; and a strong monitoring and evaluation system.