Needs of the adult learner in university extension education to enhance sustainable development in Zambia in twenty-first century

  • S Banda The University of Zambia


The University of Zambia has been offering extension studies programmes to various people in communities from its inception in 1966 as the first public university in Zambia. Through extension studies programmes, the university takes university education closer to people’s door step to enhance sustainable development.  The university is involved in teaching or training of human resource, conducting research to solve problems in society, and offering various community services. University extension education is an important process of education whose constant aim is to develop the knowledge, attitudes, the will power and skill of people to solve their own problems, by their own efforts, instead of waiting for government to do it for them. University extension education enhances human resource development, cardinal in sustainable development and transforming society world over. However, many people and providers of university extension education like the University of Zambia do not precisely know the needs of university extension studies adult learners and potential clients in Zambia in the twenty-first century. This study revealed that providers of university extension education rarely conducted needs assessment for their students and potential clients. It is recommended that institutions providing university extension education should constantly assess the needs of the participants and potential adult learners to be in tandem with the ever changing world.