The Journal of Preventive and Rehabilitative Medicine (JPRM) is an official Journal of the University of Zambia, School of Health Sciences. It publishes original peer-reviewed research reports, systematic reviews, narrative reviews, critically appraised papers and clinical/brief reports on important trends and developments in preventive and rehabilitative medicine and other fields related to health care such as public health, health promotion and education, health policy and management, modeling science among many others. The journal brings researchers from scholars and researcher of different Institutions, Universities, Colleges, Health Institutions and other related fields with convincing information on rehabilitation, encompassing the preventive, curative and rehabilitative utilization of physical, behavioral, and pharmaceutical agents in providing holistic and multidisciplinary insights in the health system for the care for individuals and communities and for those with acute and chronic illness and disabilities. The content of the journal is pertinent to all members of medical rehabilitation teams, including public health scientists and specialists, physicians, nurses, counselors, therapists, and program managers as well as policy makers. The Mission is to publish original information, with the goal of showing the dynamism of science and the provision of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and the set-up of interdisciplinary rehabilitation, consequently cultivating the improved health and welfare of persons and communities thus reducing the cost of management.