Challenges of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Testing in Resource Limited Settings: A Case of Zambia

Keywords: coronavirus, testing, covid-19, supply chain


The global spread of the virus has overwhelmed health systems, and caused widespread social and economic disruption especially in most African countries including Zambia. A review of covid-19 in Africa shows that, inadequate spike in covid-19 has reduced government budgets, leading to underfunded health care , poor governance, significant public debt rises, and large infrastructure gaps. Considering Africa 's weak health systems and its lack of physicians, health care workers, medications and medical supplies, infections with covid-19 are likely to increase, and will mostly lead to unreported humanitarian crisis[2].The covid-19 pandemic has had a huge toll on individuals, families, communities, and societies across the world. People’s daily lives have been profoundly changed, economies have fallen into recession, and many of the traditional social, economic, and public health