Knowledge and Perception of the Role of Physiotherapy Among Members of Hockey Teams In Accra Ghana

  • Noamesi Siba
  • Jonathan Quartey
  • Samuel Koranteng Kwakye
Keywords: Hockey, Physiotherapy, knowledge, role of perception


Background: Physiotherapy plays an important role in the prevention and management of sports injuries to enable athletes return to play when fully fit. In Ghana first aid personnel and team masseurs generally manage sports injuries. Inadequate knowledge on the role of Physiotherapy may be the reason for not seeking Physiotherapy services. We objectively set out to determine the knowledge and perception about the role of Physiotherapy in managing sports injuries among hockey players and technical staff. Methods: This cross-sectional study involved 65 members of 15 hockey teams in Accra. Participants included female and male hockey players between the ages of 15 and 50, coaches and team managers. They were made to complete a self-administered questionnaire. Data obtained was analyzed using SPSS, version 23. Spearman correlation was used to determine the association between variables at a significant level of 5%. Results: Fifty hockey players and 15 technical staff took part in the study. Majority (94%) and (91%) of participants identified ice and exercises as modalities used by Physiotherapists. About 66.2% of hockey players had high knowledge and perception (p=0.032) about the role of Physiotherapy and reported that 18% of their injuries were treated by a Physiotherapist while majority (89%) were of the view that a Physiotherapist is a competent professional. Sixty-six percent participants perceived that Physiotherapists were involved in research, however, there was no significant association between, knowledge, perception and years of experience of hockey players (p=0.945) and technical staff (p=0.201). Conclusion: Majority of participants had good knowledge and perception on the role of Physiotherapy in training common hockey injuries, although very few of their injuries were managed by Physiotherapists. There is a need to educate players and technical staff on the role of Physiotherapy in the prevention and management of sports injuries, which may encourage players to seek early treatment for injuries rehabilitation.