The Text-based Integrated Approach to Language Teaching: Its Meaning and Classroom Application

  • Cyprian Mumba The University of Zambia
  • Sitwe Benson Mkandawire The University of Zambia
Keywords: English, Implement, Co-methodology, Curriculum and Text-based Integrated Approach.


The Text-based Integrated Approach is one of the co-methodologies in the teaching of language such as English at senior secondary schools in Zambia. As a co- methodology, teachers are expected to understand and fully implement it in language teaching. This article aims at discussing the Text-based Integrated Approach by outlining its major characteristics, merits, demerits and how it can be implemented in a language class. The successful teaching and learning of language hinges on the teachers’ use of appropriate approaches and methodologies in their teaching. This article provides a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the method and provide insights on how the method can be implemented in the classroom. It ends by shedding light on the implications that emanate from the scope of the method on pedagogy and language teaching research.