Disparities in Pro-Environmental Behaviour between Rural and Urban Areas in Zambia

  • Bernard Chileshe The University of Zambia
  • Mirriam Sampa Moonga The University of Zambia
Keywords: sanitary conditions, pro-environmental behaviour, barriers, environmental perception, rural, urban, Zambia.


Over the years, there has been rising concern over the state of cleanliness of the physical environment in Zambia. Although several studies have been done on the need to keep the environment clean, rarely have these studies addressed the differences in perception between rural and urban areas. Far more literature is concerned with urban areas rather than rural areas. This study, therefore, compared environmental behaviour characteristics between rural and urban areas to find out if there were any differences. Five hundred and forty-five randomly selected participants participated in the questionnaire survey which used a Likert rating scale. The results were analysed using the Student’s t-test. The study determined that there was a significant difference in environmental behaviour between rural and urban areas. Therefore, implementing cleanup campaigns would require taking into consideration these differences.